Electronic Medical Records

Keep all your medical records, prescriptions, lab results, and more in one place.

Accessible records

Forget papers and lost records with HealthTag. All your records are always available in your pocket.

Better care for your family

Control all your family records in one account and help them get better care with HealthTag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I upload my health records?

Uploading your health records on HealthTag helps you save time and effort. you can easily access your medical history from prescriptions, lab test results, and other health-related information at any time and from anywhere, making it easier for healthcare providers to provide you with better care.

Which records type can I upload on HealthTag?

You can upload all types of records, Images, PDFs, and more.

Who can see my health records?

All your records are securely saved with no one can see your records without your permission. You can share it with your doctor or care providers too.

How my health records are saved in digital HealthTag?

All records are saved in the cloud and it’s linked to your HealthTag to easily access your information.

Can I delete my health records?

We believe that users should own their health records so yes you can delete your account and all your health records whenever you want.

Who uploads my health records on HealthTag app?

You can receive health records from HealthTag network of providers or upload manually any files you have or get from different healthcare providers

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