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HealthTag saves your medical records in one place easily while cutting your expenses on all healthcare services.

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About HealthTag

All your health data in your pocket

Access your medical records with HealthTag anytime and share them whenever you want with whoever you choose. Know more

Instant discounts on all your health expenses

Cut your healthcare expenses with discounts up to 70% from 3000+ healthcare providers. Know more

Profile to save you in emergencies

Keep life-saving info like blood type or any chronic diseases in your pocket. Know more

Your records are secure and private

Own your health records with HealthTag, only you can control who can view them. Know more


One subscription for all your health needs



  • Electronic emergency profile

  • Electronic health record

  • Read your prescriptions

  • Services price comparison

  • Find nearest providers


150 EGP / Year

  • All HealthTag free subscription benefits, plus:

  • Digital payments from labs and radiology

  • Different digital payments solutions

  • Offers from 3000+ care provider

  • Unlimited discounts with no approvals or preauthorization


300 EGP / Year

  • All HealthTag individual subscription benefits, plus:

  • HealthTag benefits for 5 of your family

  • One account to manage all your family records

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451,176 Subscribers

benefit from

3,000+ Care Providers


26 Governorates

Frequently Asked Questions

What does HealthTag app offer?

HealthTag helps you collect all your medical records in one place including prescriptions, lab tests, or any other types of records. You can also cut your expenses on all medical transactions with easy online payment methods

What is the Electronic Health Record (EHR)?

An electronic health record (EHR) is a computerized system that stores your medical information in digital format for easy access whenever patients need them. This information typically includes the patient's medical history, diagnoses, treatment plans, medications, lab results, and other important data related to your healthcare.

Is HealthTag available on mobile?

HealthTag app is available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Huawei AppGallery

Is HealthTag a digital or physical card?

HealthTag is available digitally on the mobile app and you can keep a physical version always with you.

Is the company affiliated with the Ministry of Health? Is this an Egyptian project?

HealthTag is a private project registered with all the necessary governmental approvals and is fully committed to all current Egyptian laws to protect and confidentiality of data

What is the difference between Health and medical records?

Medical records are a digital version of your medical chart for one healthcare provider, while health records are a more comprehensive record of your health that is shared among different healthcare providers and organizations to generally impact your health.

What are the types of subscriptions?

HealthTag offers individual plan personal usage and family plan to add your family up to 5 accounts.

How much is HealthTag?

The individual plan starts at 150 EGP/Year and the family starts at 300 EGP/Year.

How to reach out to you?

We are happy to help you 24/7 through HealthTag app or Contact Us

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