Cut your medical expenses by half from 3000+ care providers around Egypt!

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Pick your area and access your nearest providers to your location.

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Book your lab and radiology services, and pay with an extra discount through HealthTag digital payments solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the percentage of offers?

Offers percentage is different depending on the service type. As you can save up to 70% on lab tests, 30% on radiology, and different offers on clinics, optics, or cosmetics.

From where can I get the offers?

From the biggest Healthcare providers around Egypt, more than 3000 providers are available on HealthTag app.

How to get HealthTag offers?

Through HealthTag app you can book your visit and pay online or you can go directly and show your card whether it’s a digital or physical card.

How many times can I get the offers from HealthTag?

All offers are unlimited while you have an active HealthTag subscription.

Do I need any approvals to get the offers?

You can get offers instantly with no need for any offers.

Can I use HealthTag outside the network?

All HealthTag offers are only available through the network but you can upload records from any care provider whether it's in HealthTag network or not.

Who can subscribe to HealthTag?

HealthTag offers different subscriptions to match different needs, whether individuals or families can subscribe to HealthTag