The #1 User-friendly, Smart and Enjoyable Solution to Manage Your Practice!

In TagPM we considered doctors' needs, and patients' health, with the significance of health information exchange in creating a comprehensive medical and administrative managing system for practices.


One App for everywhere you work

No matter how many clinics or medical practices you work with, TagPM Workplace helps you manage all of their information in one place.


Information is Gold! Benefit from real-time data analysis

TagPM Dashboard will update you with real-time data and insights on your facility’s clinical and operational practices


No More Paperwork/ Manual Paperwork

TagPM workbook allows you to focus on what matters, save time and provide your patients with a better experience to get ready for the future of healthcare.


Your Patient Deserves Better Health Care

Easily exchange health information between you and your patients’ health care providers to ensure accurate diagnoses, optimized treatment, and facilitated healing process.

emergency profile

One Step Can Save your Patient’s Life

When you register your patients on Tag Health Card, they will have their core health information and emergency contact on the card in case of emergencies. Also, they will enjoy discounts from our partner pharmacies, radiology centers, and labs.

Why Use TagPM?


Improved Medical Practice

Medical records, previous visits logs, and labs results optimize diagnosis accuracy and treatment plan.


Optimized User Experience

As 72% of doctors base their decision when using digital solutions on how user-friendly the interface and experience are; our priority when designing was putting the doctors’ needs first.


Increase Patients Satisfaction

Patients are the primary beneficiaries of the medical and moral outcomes of using electronic medical records, and electronic and printed prescriptions.


Global Standards

TagPM is designed on the highest global standards for electronic health information organization and management (FHIR).


Increase Revenue and Cut Cost

Track your revenue cycle and expenses, in addition to patients loyalty and referrals.


Ongoing Technical Support

Our technical support team and TagPM user support are at your service at all times.

In the beginning, I thought using Electronic Health Records and Practice Management solution would be time-consuming. With practice, it turned out to be simpler and efficient!

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Who Can Use TagPM?


Administrative officers

Nursing Staff

Clinic Managers & Owners