Privacy and Security

All your records are private and secure. HealthTag makes sure of all security measures to ensure your records are safely saved.

Your records are yours.

No one can access your records without your approval. Scanning the QR code and adding OTP sent only to the mobile number attached to the account.

Share your records safely

Any records shared through HealthTag app are available for only 24 hours with limited access to one device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can see my health records?

All your records are securely saved with no one can see your records without your permission. You can share it with your doctor or care providers too.

Can I delete my health records?

We believe that users should own their health records so yes you can delete your account and all your health records whenever you need.

Is the company affiliated with the Ministry of Health? Is this an Egyptian project?

HealthTag is a private project registered with all the necessary governmental approvals and is fully committed to all current Egyptian laws to protect and confidentiality of data